All the innovations of ECT neuromodulation in one device

EMR © is database software specifically designed for use in ECT. This software significantly expands the capabilities of the ECT device. The EMR software can communicate with the ECT Sigma device and can be used with one stand-alone computer or in a network to connect multiple workstations or devices. The EMR displays and electronically stores physiological monitoring data obtained during ECT (up to 7 feet) without the need to print or store records on a thermal printer.

Stimulus parameters and other key data are automatically stored in the EMR database without any user intervention. Information in the database is organized for each patient by course of treatment, session and stimulation within the session. Information in the database can be flexibly searched and exported to Excel or text files for further analysis.

EMR allows you to mirror the Sigma LCD on one or more external computer monitors. All parameters, records of physiological signals and optional fields defined by the user, are automatically recorded for each shock, for each treatment. This information can be included in various reports that can be incorporated into the NIS.